Monday, June 15, 2009

Public Pimp or Public Servant?

With the voices of cherubs they speak with forked tongues
Passing bills for cleaner air with carcinogens in their lungs
They take the oath to serve injecting a standard that’s double
And when people act to point it out they are stepping in
Trouble, trouble
There is no leading by example, its do as I say, not as I do
We the people are on the hill and it doesn’t include you
It matters not from where they come, east, west, north or south
They all went to the same school of
University Talk out of both sides of Your Mouth
Crisis after crisis, pushing unread bills into law
While the stockholders of America are now invested in
Fatal flaw after fatal flaw
Taxpayer, taxpayer
Put your brains away,
We know what is best for you
And how to run your day
From your children to your business, even to your health
Assimilate and submit while we distribute your wealth
And for the things you should not know we have czars for that
Accountable to no one except the highest cat
Public pimps on a mission putting money in their pockets
My rights they’re swindling, my accounts are dwindling,
And blood is shooting out of my sockets
The politicians are hypnotized and poisoned by the smell of blood and power
Feeling they should have control over even the breaths I take per hour
How far will they take us on this ride down the drain
I wanted my children to grow up riding the freedom train
Instead land of the free, home of the brave the socialist-progressives have a new conversion
Land of the free lunch, home of the slave, better known as political perversion
Public servant has new meaning as the strategy of semantics takes hold
Everything is changing and we the public servants just do as we are told
Rise up all you people to save our great land
Give meaning to our soldiers service as their blood stains the sand
There is no apology for the price of freedom it all comes with a cost
Rise up all you people before our land is lost.

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  1. great lamentations! enjoy reading up your writes....
    Cally Rao