Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aren't We One Nation Under God?

I just heard a news clip of President Obama writing off the fact that the United States is a Christian nation. He stated that we are not in fact a Christian nation, we are instead, just a nation of citizens. Yet our money, which continues to water down daily, still says "In God We Trust". I am a Christian, and I believe that according to our Constitution, our founding fathers, and the foundation of our country that we were built upon Christian values and viewed the world through a lens of Christianity and doing what is right using these values as a barometer. I am saddened by the fact that appeasing the masses and selling out has become a part of our country's conversation with the world. I believe that if you don't believe in something, that you will fall for anything. I also believe that if you have never read history, you are bound to repeat it. Mental anarchy is not freedom. I have never met a happy, fulfilled anarchist. This declaration is tantamount to denying God and is an athiestic act. I don't see this as a good sign, a good move, or good for our country. I am part of we the people, and I am a Christian Citizen.

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