Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is Conservative a Dirty Word?

Is Conservative a Dirty Word?

If politicians actually campaigned based on what they would do once in office, there would likely be no politicians. What if an individual went out on the campaign trail touting communist ideologies, that they supported killing babies through abortions (even healthy babies in the third trimester), that they believed in increasing government, taxes, the IRS, and they believed in decreasing salaries, imposing salary caps for big business, supported bailouts with taxpayer monies, and decreasing the military that protects our freedoms. I stand for individual responsibility, if I can’t pay for something, I don’t buy it; I don’t expect the government to provide for me. I don’t support anyone based on anything other than the issues they support and represent. I am rooting for the leaders elect for the benefit of my fellow Americans and for our country but feel as if the direction in which they are driving our country is negligent at best. It is not that there aren’t great ideas out there to introduce but are they realistic? Do they benefit only a few or do they create benefit for the masses? Are they cost effective? If the appointed administration is above the law, they where do they draw the line to enforce the law, are we not all equal Americans? (and don’t answer that, it is self-evident) In a Democracy the elected officials are there to represent “for the people” not for themselves or their own agendas. However, the history of politicians has provided many examples where ulterior motives were the common thread regardless of party affiliation.

What good is a small hybrid vehicle that leaves less of a footprint when an accident in said vehicle will potentially erase your footprint irreversibly? What good is a debt-filled environment? Whatever happened to allowing failure to occur naturally to open up new opportunities for up and coming businesses? Bankruptcy was created for a reason. Organizations just like human lives don’t live forever, they are birthed, they grow, they change, they adapt, and they eventually die. What good are astronomical budgets to create and increase health care and education (which are important constructs) when we have decreased our military to such a place that we are no longer able to protect our lives, our country, or our freedoms? It seems that even being “politically correct” has become an onerous cancer creating vampiric law firms to defend impotent and criminal issues wasting taxpayer dollars in the court. America, land of the free, home of the brave has seemed to morph into land of the red tape, home of the unemployed. So, is conservative a dirty word? It is in the Whitehouse.

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  1. Nice Blog! I would submit that the libs are not at all genuine about their plans. I usually refer to their plans as CALLING IT SOMETHING ELSE.